23 February 2017
Carrefour embedding strategy in France

As Carrefour looks to build on its consistent and established performance in France, we look at three developments helping it drive growth in 2017.

Carrefour launches food focused initiatives

As part of its continuing focus on food, Carrefour has announced four new initiatives to support farmers in France and help support improvements in the industry. The company said it has launched:

1. To accelerate organic farming practices in France: to help support farmers invest in organic, Carrefour said it would set volumes and prices for three to five years for 300 farms by 2020.

2. Extend ‘antibiotic-free’ initiative : as part of this it is looking at eliminating all chemical pesticides on new fruit and vegetables.

3. Introduce certification process for animal well-being: working in partnership with an independent organisation, farmers and NGO Welfarm Carrefour said it would be looking to introduce the certification process in 2017.

4. Introduce blockchain technology: to enable traceability of its animal product lines and guarantee shoppers as much transparency as possible.

Carrefour signs supply contract with Supergroup

According to reports in LSA, Carrefour France’s central buying office has reached a negotiation and supply deal with Supergroup. Supergroup is a subsidiary of distributor Logista and is involved in wholesaling to proximity retailers in France. Supergroup generated a turnover of about €200m in 2012 and so while it will not add to Carrefour’s overall buying power, it underlines how the retailer is investigating deals that will enable it to buy more efficiently.

Carrefour City to open in Galeries Lafayette

Lineaires has reported that a Carrefour City is set to be opened in the Galeries Lafayette in Dax, rather than a Monoprix, which have traditionally been added in the department stores. The 300 sq. m Carrefour City will be opened following the Moulin family, owner of the Galeries Lafayette, exiting the ownership of Monoprix and investing in Carrefour.

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