What we do

Retail Analysis is a single source of intelligence on 400+ leading retailers and 100+ major and developing markets.

Our team of retail experts track the latest industry trends, deliver and analyse key news, and visit retailers and their stores around the world to provide you with commercial insights that will help you build stronger plans and work more effectively day-to-day.

Six key benefits

Here are six key benefits that will ensure you extract return on your investment in your first year of subscription:

  • Creating your business or account plans for the coming year?
    Use Datacentre, our interactive database, to quickly access key data and forecasts for retailers, markets and channels. For 2015, we've rebuilt the tool from the ground up making it quicker and easier to use, with more measures available to help you build strong plans
  • Putting together a business case for investment in your area?
    Download one of our ready-to-use presentations to add weight to your proposal
  • Need to get a new team member up to speed on a key account?
    Retailer pages provide a wealth of insight, analysis, photos and presentations on key food and grocery, consumer goods and drugstores retailers
  • Tracking in-store execution of your category or your competitors?
    Retail Analysis has thousands of in-store photos to show you what’s hot
  • Planning market entry but not sure which route to take?
    View a country page for market overviews, retailer profiles and store visit reports
  • Need to know how the latest industry news affects your business?
    We summarise what’s going on and get behind the headlines in our weekly newsletter

Breadth of Research

  • Retail Analysis provides unrivalled depth of insight on the 100+ most important global grocery markets, and all the significant grocery retailers within those markets. Our Datacentre universe covers nearly 370 retail groups and over 1,250 operations
  • We continue to add more markets and retailers to our universe, and we're steered by your priorities – if there is a grocery retail account important to you that we don't currently cover, please let us know

Our methodology sets us apart

Our primary research methodology is what sets Retail Analysis apart. With 800+ IGD members worldwide, our retailer and supplier relationships enable us to get to know markets from the ground up, and we build our insights through our global research and travel programme.

Our field research is backed-up by a comprehensive desk-based research programme. Insights are taken from a wide range of sources, including company reports, releases & filings; analyst briefings and research notes; regulatory bodies and global new services. We do this research so you don't have to.

Proprietary single universal methodology

To provide numeric insight that enables comparisons to be made between all retailers and across all markets, IGD has developed a single, universal methodology for calculating the data across Retail Analysis. The key elements of this methodology for retailer information are:

  • IGD Grocery Retail Market Size
    A proprietary measure of grocery retail sales in the markets across the world. They are fundamental to Retail Analysis’ view of the retail landscape
  • IGD Grocery Market Shares
    Calculated by comparing the sales from a retailer’s stores that sell predominantly food and groceries, with the IGD Grocery Retail Market size

How much does an annual subscription cost?

Retail Analysis is priced very competitively against other insight providers, with different access bands depending on the size and needs of your business. Our customer team will discuss your insight requirements with you and recommend an appropriate subscription. Please contact us for a quote or to request a free trial.

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