20 February 2017
P&H launches new generation transactional website

Leading UK delivered wholesaler, Palmer & Harvey has launched an updated version of its transactional website for independent retailers.  This aims to provide their customers with a better online experience, by enabling  them to place orders more quickly and easily any time and anywhere.  The site is designed to be fully mobile responsive across all platforms including iOS and Android.

Seven months in development

The new website has been a significant investment for P&H and has undergone extensive live trials, with some 50 selected retailers helping to test the site over the last three months; and a further 200 having had access for the 10 days prior to launch.  New features include better visual presentation of the 9,000 products listed, with large images enabling easy identification for customers, plus better supporting information such as POR (profit on return) data.

Building on best 'smart' practice

Learning lessons from consumer shopping sites, such as Amazon, Palmer & Harvey's new platform has 'smart' capabilities, enabling it to provide customers with 'intelligent' selections of products based on their ordering history, and a search function that is able to learn based on previous searches.  It is also able to tailor promotions to fit the retailer's individual business, and make recommendations based on what other stores in the local area are buying.

Martyn Ward, Managing Director, Palmer & Harvey commented:

"This will be the P&H shop window.  It will free up retailers' time, enabling them to spend more time improving their retail offer, and less at the wholesalers.  We know that 84% of retailers are now ordering online.  If we can get our retailers to switch from telesales, the average online order is worth 25% more."