10 March 2017
DIA to update Market stores

Spain-based DIA has announced that it is set to invest in its Market banner to improve the shopping experience. The retailer said that as part of this initiative it would be looking to widen the range of services it offers and adapt its range to meet the needs of shoppers’ daily needs.

Updated design to upweights fresh focus

DIA said that the new store design will continue to build on the improvements that it has made to its fresh offer in recent years and will put a special focus on fresh produce, namely fruits and vegetables. The investment in fresh will also extend to DIA Market’s bakery range. To make the store more attractive to shoppers, store fronts will incorporate more glass to maximise natural light, while an LED screen at entrances will highlight the day’s offers. To aid navigation around stores, DIA has said that there will be further segmentation of departments.

DIA said that it has renovated the first of four of its Market stores, two each in Madrid and Catalonia. The company said that the design will be rolled out to its more than 2,000 stores, albeit without setting a timeframe for it to be completed.

Store updating follows positive 2016 performance

The announcement of the roll out of a new store design follows a positive set of results in FY2016. The positive performance also stretched to Portugal, which has suffered in recent years. DIA said that across both its Minipreço and Clarel banners in Portugal, gross sales rose 3% to €848m, which it described as a ‘success’. Discussing the results, DIA’s corporate director, Amando Sánchez Falcón, said: “Measures taken in 2015, such as the renovation of stores to attract younger shoppers, the increase in the supply of perishables and the partnership we have established with Intermarché for the creation of the CINDIA joint purchasing center contributed greatly to this performance.”

Will play a part in driving multichannel strategy

After the results, DIA’s chief executive, Ricardo Currás, said that the performance of its collaboration with Amazon was proving positive. Currás said that DIA would be looking to expand the collaboration outside Madrid, where the trial has been operating, as ecommerce is a growing channel that is seeing rising shopper demand. The strength of the collaboration’s performance was encouraging the retailer to work more with Amazon in the short term and search out other opportunities to work with other companies.

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