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23 Mar 2017
Following confirmation of entry last November, Aldi has made the bold move of entering the Chinese market on Alibaba Group's B2C website, Tmall. 
22 Mar 2017
Lidl has signed up to Back British Farming, an NFU (National Farmer's Union) charter.
21 Mar 2017
Colruyt has introduced a new loyalty scheme, Xtra and associated app, which can be used across its nine formats and online. This new scheme will replace
20 Mar 2017
After reporting strong growth for FY 2016, Dollar General has announced it will increase its fresh produce offer.
17 Mar 2017
We round up developments from Sweden's ICA and Denmark's Netto and KIWI as the retailers update on strategies, targets and tactics in tackling food waste in
16 Mar 2017
Global discounter Aldi Süd has unveiled a new logo as part of its strategy to modernise. 
10 Mar 2017
Spain-based DIA has announced that it is set to invest in its Market banner to improve the shopping experience. The retailer said that as part of
9 Mar 2017
We bring you a round-up of the latest new initiatives across some of Lidl's European markets that demonstrate ways in which the discounter is evolving. 
9 Mar 2017
Leading Turkish retailer BIM has reported a 15.2% increase in revenue to TRY20.1bn (€5.1bn) for 2016. Turkey represents the largest share of sales, while expansion in
7 Mar 2017
Reitangruppen has reported its 2016 results, with turnover increasing by 4.26% to NOK 89.21bn (€9.95bn), while operating profit increased by % to NOK 3.98bn (€444.12m). Reitangruppen
1 Mar 2017
Steinhoff International has reported positive Poundland results for the three months ended December 2016.
1 Mar 2017
Aldi plans to open a flagship online store in China in Q2 on Tmall, Alibaba's B2C marketplace platform. 
28 Feb 2017
We round up news from the Nordic discounter. This includes 2016 revenue excluding VAT growth in Denmark of 8.2% to DKK 12.3bn (€1.66bn) and a new
27 Feb 2017
We round up the latest news from Dansk Supermarked’s Netto discount format, including the recruitment of a new director for Netto International, as well as
27 Feb 2017
As part of its 2016 FY results statement, Portugal-based Jerónimo Martins has discussed its investment plans for 2017. Announcing a strong increase in its capex programme,
23 Feb 2017
Spain-based DIA has announced FY2016 results saying that excluding the effects of currency moves, gross sales under banner rose 10.2% to €11.63 bn. Including the effects
16 Feb 2017
We bring you the key insights from a recent Reuters interview with Aldi UK CEO, Matthew Barnes, in which he discusses the discounter's continuing positive performance.
16 Feb 2017
Lidl has called off plans to open its first multichannel Express format store in Berlin as the discounter focuses its strategy on its growing ecommerce operations. 
8 Feb 2017
As Sweden's retailers begin to report their 2016 results, we review results from ICA and Axfood. Although both retailers have reported growth, Axfood is growing the
8 Feb 2017
We round up the latest news, including how REMA 1000's performance versus the market and the retailer's new airport store.
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