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8 Apr 2014
Tesco has installed a new click & collect location at Arnos Grove tube station in London. We tested the service to see what we thought of
7 Apr 2014
Tesco has bought a Berlin-based internet start up company, which specialises in personalised online advertising, called Sociomatic.
3 Apr 2014
Innovative and creative marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly popular as a way to capture shoppers’ imaginations and provide an emotional connection with brands. Here we've picked
3 Apr 2014
Auchan has launched a new price campaign, and plans to open a virtual shopping mall later in 2014.
18 Mar 2014
With Tesco Extra store refreshes planned to be a big focus for the retailer in the year ahead, Tesco is clearly still trying to push the
12 Mar 2014
In line with the announcement at its UK strategy briefing a few weeks ago, Tesco has launched an industry first fuel scheme in the UK that
3 Mar 2014
Dansk Supermarked Group, Denmark’s second largest grocery retailer has reported its 2013 annual results, reporting a 2.3% increase in turnover to DKK 56.9bn (€7.6bn).
26 Feb 2014
We explore three key messages from Philip Clarke, Group Chief Executive Officer and members of the Executive Committee on Tesco’s key strategic priorities: investment in the
17 Feb 2014
Intermarché and Netto have reported a 3.2% increase in turnover for France in 2013, to EUR22.3bn.
14 Feb 2014
We look ahead to spot the 'game changers' that will significantly impact retailers and suppliers in 2014. Innovation has reached supersonic speed, so be ready for
12 Feb 2014
Kroger has acquired You Technology Brand Services, Inc., a leader in digital coupons and promotions.
11 Feb 2014
Whole Foods Market and Square are partnering to introduce new on-the-go purchasing options at the retailer’s foodservice counters, enabling shoppers to skip the main checkout lines.
11 Feb 2014
Axfood, Sweden’s third largest grocery retailer has acquired a 50% stake in Urban Deli, which originally opened in 2009 in Stockholm.
11 Feb 2014
Despite discussion of the challenges facing retailers’ larger stores, they remain central to many companies’ strategies and shoppers’ buying habits. In this article we look at
7 Feb 2014
Coop Danmark, Denmark’s largest grocery retailer has announced the opening of more Fakta Q stores, the retailer’s hybrid discount convenience chain that it first launched in
31 Jan 2014
Tesco has reportedly created a new innovation 'lab' in London that it hopes will help it develop cutting edge innovations for today's rapidly changing retail landscape.
30 Jan 2014
Alain Caparros, CEO of German retailer Rewe, has given new detail on the company's plans to invest in 2014.
29 Jan 2014
Coop Danmark, Denmark’s largest grocery retailer is increasing its focus on skilled butchers as a platform to face into the discounters.
28 Jan 2014
Walmart has announced a new $10m fund which will support manufacturing innovation and suppliers’ commitments to produce in the US.
23 Jan 2014
Whole Foods Market has partnered with the Pivot TV network to launch a new TV series, ‘Dark Rye’ based on its consumer magazine of the same
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