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6 Jul 2015
Amazon has announced that it will introduce a day of promotions exclusively for Prime members to mark its 20th anniversary on 15 July.
2 Jul 2015
The Chinese online grocery market is set to be worth almost $180bn by 2020 – nearly five times its current value of $41bn, according to IGD’s
23 Jun 2015
Tesco Malaysia has selected NCR self checkout technology to introduce into its stores.
18 Jun 2015
Norwegian market leader NorgesGruppen has made a series of recent announcements, including a partnership with Esso and the conversion of some Ultra stores to the MENY
18 Jun 2015
Coles has confirmed that it is to carry out more range reviews, to ensure that its categories match shopper demand.
16 Jun 2015
Following recent visits to key markets in northern Europe, Senior Retail Analyst Harriet Cohen considers four trends shaping grocery retail across the region.
11 Jun 2015
Following the success of its #LidlSuprises advertising campaign, Lidl has unveiled a new advertising campaign focusing on product quality called 'Shop a Lidl Smarter'.
11 Jun 2015
As Whole Foods Market announces the name for its new chain, we review what we know so far about this format in development.
4 Jun 2015
As organic continues to rise up the agenda in Sweden, a new organic grocery chain has opened its first store in Stockholm.
28 May 2015
While retailers and manufacturers continue to compete on price, there are companies who are looking to deliver added value for shoppers without cutting prices. We consider
27 May 2015
Kesko, Finland’s second largest grocery retailer has unveiled a new strategy, targeting ‘profitable growth’ in grocery.
21 May 2015
Celebrate our industry's achievements at the IGD Awards 2015.
19 May 2015
Aldi Australia has launched four new trial stores in different cities, which have a more premium look and feel, and will help the retailer to further
18 May 2015
Following restrictions on Sunday trading hours in Hungary, it has been reported that forecourt operator MOL has adapted its strategy to benefit from the changes.
14 May 2015
Turkish retailer Migros Ticaret has launched a new concept convenience store in Istanbul.
12 May 2015
As health and organic continue to play a key role in Swedish grocery retail, we explore the latest private label developments at ICA and the launch
11 May 2015
Global beauty operator A.S. Watson celebrates its 500th store opening in Taipei and announces plans for 100 new stores in the next two years.
11 May 2015
The US patent office has published details describing how Amazon’s Prime Air service plans to use data from customers’ smartphones in order to deliver items to
6 May 2015
Following slowing performance over the last year and an admission that it had lost focus on its customers. Woolworths senior managers have set out the companies
28 Apr 2015
Amazon has launched a new Amazon Business service on its US site under the tagline “The Amazon you love. For your business.”
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